Blog articles are more and more popular today and attract many readers. In this context, several blog owners do not always know where to turn and get lost a bit, due to the lack of a real framework for their editorial process. Here are some tips to take into account by lawyers wishing to develop their Blogging strategy.


Take a subject that deals with real life

Attractive and relevant blog content is above all a subject that can reach your target audience. Indeed, for a story to be good to tell, it must have the potential to educate your readership. So do your research and find societal themes that you will develop with your style and your sensitivity, from a legal angle, of course. In the body of the article, do not hesitate to specify whether your firm has already dealt with the problem in question, and how it can help your readership. Adapt the turn of your sentences according to the audience targeted by your article.

Write clearly!

Writing as clearly as possible is essential when writing a blog article. So, your paragraphs should be short and concise enough, try to say the essentials in a few words, because there is nothing more hateful for Google and your readers than an indecipherable pad. Your article may even be less well referenced for reasons of readability ... Avoid repetition.

Take pro blogs as an example

Take example from professional blogs. Some lawyers excel in the field. Follow them on social media. If some of them have become so influential, it is because they have adapted a certain angle of attack for each theme which is both original and relevant. However, the idea is not to copy the style of these blogs at all, but just to analyze their strengths. What makes a blog unique is above all the fact that you leave your style there.

Fine-tune your article title

An article is all the more likely to interest us because the title is impactful. Indeed, the title is the first to be responsible for the enthusiasm of readers. Avoid titles that are too long and too complicated. They will not be appreciated by Google and may be less catchy for your readers.

Try to stick to the news

Whether legal or societal, a blog needs to be updated and reflect some news. Indeed, if there is a subject that is in full swing for a period, your readers would be very disappointed if you did not give your opinion, your feeling. It is imperative that you avoid shining by your absence, because your readers have expectations that you could ignore. For example, if the current events are societal, do not hesitate to talk about the transformations that this can bring about from a legal point of view.

Give a purpose to your writings

Setting a goal is a principle of life and the same goes for a blog article. So you need to know what type of audience you want to reach and also how you would like them to engage. Setting a goal before writing an article is crucial to your content marketing strategy.

Don't become a slave to SEO

SEO requires investing in writing unique, quality content. However, you should not take this as an excuse to stray from your goal. In other words, you must not write to write. You can always stay true to yourself, respecting the rules of the game, in order to represent the excellence of your law firm right down to your articles.

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